Don’t Let the Lack of Stop You – With Wolves

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I wanted to make “With Wolves”

An art piece music video that I refused to not be able to create:

In the end of winter 2011 Cole Corey (from Rospoem) and I came together on an idea I had to animate one of his recently released songs, With Wolves.  After some sampling we agreed on my animating and directing the music video in an old school style of animation. 1351 stills later “With Wolves” was launched.  We first released it on June 14th, 2011, to the public.

Before you view the video, I’d like you to know a little back story to why this project is one of my favorite personal pieces.

At the time, I didn’t have access to software like Maya or Animator, etc, or hardware like a $3,000 some Cintiq. I was recently graduated from my masters program from Full Sail University, and as it usually goes – I was a broke recent graduate. So, this lack thereof in technology at home started to hinder my creative growth, and honestly, my career. What the ever changing, upgrading world wanted was tossing me to the side like a sub-zero number. But I still needed to create. If anyone knows an artist knows they will find a way…

And so, in wanting to really create this project, rather than getting the expensive option of a Cintiq, I went with the Wacom Tablet instead (about a $3,000 budget save). I didn’t have Premiere or After Effects yet, and so, this was created on iMovie. Um… yes, you read that right – iMovie. Creative, passion, and determination, right? And I went the old school way in animation, which turned out a bigger win! This little piece has been in many festivals (even in Belgium & Estonia), art house showings, and the like. I know it wouldn’t have gotten so much attention had it been done any other way.


I’d like to note on behalf of creatives, artists, and left/right side-able brained people that there are a lot of us creative types out there with intense mad skills, passion, and determination. And some of us also have the ability to lead and direct, even of the female gender. So, I’d love to see more opportunities given to creative types; some do not have access or the means to create from a place of ‘expensive’ technology that needs upgrading every 6-months. But if you know how to look and experience their ability then I bet you may have discovered yourself a shiny diamond in the rough that could be a great asset to your own creative goals.

Here are a few screen shots from the video.

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Uncle Sam, with wolves,


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Thank you for taking time out to look at this and experience it fully.

~Angeline D’Balentine~

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