Death & Detroit – Story Boarding

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For the “Death & Detroit: A Love Story” short film project I created this storyboard. It proved very helpful for my DP, PM, MUA, and cast to utilize on shoot days. Also, was effective in shooting 14 hours worth of film in less than two days, which turned out to be a 10-minute short film. *Amazing how only so much film actually makes it into the final piece.

Angeline D'Balentine, Storyboarding, Michigan storyboarder


Took some on-set shots of the cast & crew using the storyboard as their base for reference:


Vera Khzouz, Scott Sprague, Ramiro Zarate Jr, Death & Detroit, Love Story, Storyboard, film, michigan film, Michigan female film director,


A few pieces below from the storyboard – traditionally, I usually give each cast & crew a card of their choosing at wrap of the set as a memoir:

Angeline D'Balentine, Storyboard, Death & Detroit: A Love Story, Detroit film, Michigan artist

Death & Detroit, Angeline D'Balentine, Storyboard, Michigan storyboarder

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